Walker Edison 3-piece Corner Desk Review

Walker Edison 3-piece Corner Desk

Welker Edison 3-piece Corner DeskIf you are looking for an awesome gaming desk, the Walker Edison 3-piece corner desk is an ideal choice. This desk has many features that will allow any gaming computer to be set up properly. The L shaped desk works perfect in allowing multiple monitor set ups.

The Welker Edison 3-piece Corner Desk come with a polished and beveled tempered glass. Because of its steel frame, it definitely is sturdy enough to hold a lot of weight and the powder coat finish makes it look beautiful. It comes with a universal CPU stand to allow space for your legs and a universal keyboard trey for your mouse and keyboard.

The modern design offers a sleek look that would make any setup the perfect setup. We don’t see why the Walker Edison 3-piece Corner Desk could be past up when finding a gamers desk.

Here we have listed the most common pros and cons this desk has encountered by customers. The reviews were gathered through Amazon and have been chosen by the consistency of ongoing issues and praise.



Enough space – The desk is so big and spacious that even a 6 foot 5 inch man has enough leg space to move around with ease. Because this desk is bigger than others it allows you to have a lot of space under the desk to put other equipment underneath to hide without sacrificing leg space.

Multiple computers set up – Because there is so much space under the desk, some users were able to put another computer set up on the desk. This alone allows them to have a work/school computer and their gaming computer all set up on one table.

Sturdy– Because of the metal frame and the tempered glass, the Walker Edison 3-piece Corner Desk is very sturdy. You don’t have to worry about it wobbling or moving when you type of get into your gaming.

Tempered glass – The tempered glass brings a very nice finish to the desk that makes it looks beautiful. A lot of customers were impressed at how the glass alone made the desk look double its price.


Keyboard trey – We noticed a lot of customers complaining about the keyboard trey. The trey was not as big as they expected and the sliders are not that great either. But, some have found solutions to this issue. You can go to any store and purchase your own sliders and keyboard trey to replace.

Color options– Because there aren’t many color options for this desk, customers had to settle with only 2 colors that might not work in the area they work in. If you don’t mind this type of stuff, then you wouldn’t have an issue.


The Welker Edison 3-piece Corner Desk is a perfect choice for a gaming desk. We’ve added photos of how some folks have set up their desk for your viewing pleasure.