Prepac Floating Desk Review

Prepac floating desk review

Prepac Floating DeskThe Prepac Floating desk is a desk like no other. This is a unique desk as it can get. For a desk that has no legs and is placed on a wall, it has all the functionality that a gamer desk would desire. With tons of storage space, modern and futuristic design, it is definitely a desk you would want to have.

The Prepac Floating desk comes with a metal hanging rail system. The cable management features keep your desk organized and hides your cable wires from view. It comes with 2 side compartments and 2 adjustable shelves. You can place speakers, books, games, electrical devices, photos, and other personal items of your choice.

We’ve compiled a list of the common Pros and Cons from customer’s experienced. Their feedbacks are truthful and accurate and this is why we take their word for credit.

Prepac Floating Desk


Easy to put together – The Prepac Floating desk comes with easy to follow instructions that would have anyone with no furniture assembly experience building with ease. Most customers had no issues with building it and you shouldn’t either

Space saver – Because the desk doesn’t have the conventional 4 legs and it goes mounted on a wall, you save a ton of space. All you need to do is have a free wall for this desk to go up on. Your room will not be cluttered and you will have extra storage space that the desk comes with

Shelves! – The storage space in this desk is a huge plus. The desk comes with adjustable shelves that can be placed the way you like for your items. This feature alone has made many folks happy. You practically get a desk and shelving all with one product.

Style – Because of the uniqueness and style, this desk is a conversation starter without a doubt. Who owns a floating desk? Not many people do. You will get a lot of Oohs and Aahs from guest that rarely see this type of desks. It’s very futuristic like and if you want uniqueness, this desk is it.


Stud – One of the things a lot of folks had issues with is locating the stud to put up the metal railing. If you are not a handy person, you also might encounter this problem. This is something you would have to look into before placed the desk. Finding the studs is important to have a safe and sturdy desk set up. You can purchase a stud finder from your local hardware store to find your studs to make sure your desk is set up safely.

Sharp edges – The wood paneling are not rounded and have had to be taken care off because you don’t want to run into a corner. Most folks can live with this but it was mentioned a lot in the customer reviews.

Honestly, there aren’t many cons with this desk because most purchasers were satisfied with this desk. We would love to put more up but when you have a solid winner, you really can’t blame them.

Below are some samples of how customers set up their Prepac Floating desk.


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