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Tips to set up a comfortable computer station

Computer Station | Tips to set up computer station

If you are like most folks that work in America, you may be sitting on your computer for about 7-8 hours a day in front of your computer station. When you sit down for this long, you usually do a lot of repetitive motions with your upper body position. You can also encounter awkward postures in front of your work station when you sit down for this long. Due to this repetitiveness, it can have serious long term physical effects in your body. The type of effects like neck cramps, back pain, arm discomfort, and wrist/hand pain are just a few things your body might encounter.

If you suffer from one of these issues, you have to adjust your computer station to the point where you are comfortable. A big improvement can be dealt with ergonomics. We will show you how to set up your computer station, use your keyboard, position your chair, adjust your monitor, and take breaks during the day to help with any issues you might be going through.


  • First, make sure the computer station is at an appropriate height for your body. Because we all come in different size and body type, make sure the computer station is accommodated for your body for the type of work you do. If you find that your computer desk is to low, you can elevate it with blocks or risers by placing them under the legs of your desk. If you find that your desk is too high, raise your chair to make sure your knees are lower or equal to the level of your hips.
  • Placing items that you use most closely to you will make working in your computer station more comfortable. Less strain trying to reach over or even possibly tweaking a muscle that has been stationary for hours.
  • If you use or are on the phone a lot, keep it at an easy reach. Most folks would agree that using a headset prevents neck and shoulder tension.


  • Having the right chair is important when setting up your computer station. An adjustable chair is ideal for this type of set up.
  • To begin the process of having the right setup, you want to position the chair to the point where your feet are flat on the floor. Once you’ve found your level, then sit all the way back where your back makes contact to the back support of the chair. It should be reclined to 100-110 degree angle.
  • A chair that is perfect for an 8-5 worker is one that has both upper and lower back support curves. If you feel like your chair doesn’t have enough back support, you can use a cushion or a pillow to maximize support. An alternative for a cushion is a rolled up tow that would be placed in the lower back portion of the seat.
  • Avoid awkward sitting positions throughout the day. A lot of folks rest their feet at the rungs of the chair, crossing their legs, dangling, or sitting on your legs. These can have serious effects on your body when sitting in these positions for too long. Decreasing blood circulation to your legs and feet will occur.

These are the basics in having a great computer station set up for anyone who spends many hours in front of a computer. You can be working, gaming, or socializing and these types of set ups are still important for your safety. We hope you liked our tips and next time you are sitting in front of your computer station, try these tips out to see if you notice a difference.

Computer Setup | Best ways to set up your computer for comfort

Computer Setup | 5 tips to setup your custom computer

There are a number of ways to have your computer setup, especially if you have the right desk. Here, we want to give you some ideas on how you can have a computer desk setup that best fits you.

Our general guideline with the average computer setup is to make sure you have the space allocated for the computer you are using. Not only do you want to have space for your tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and all your other accessories, but you also want to make sure everything sits in place where you want it.

Here is a list you can follow that will help you get the perfect computer setup. Of course, you can modify anything on this list because it’s not set in stone.

  • Your computer size – It is important to find the measurements of your tower and monitor to know how much space is needed to fit them in a desk. Do you want a snug or spacious fit? It depends what you prefer, but knowing the size of your set up is the first thing to acknowledge when setting up your computer. computer setup
  • Cable Management – You’ll be surprised how cable management alone can make your computer setup the perfect set up. Zip ties are perfect for these types of management. There are other resources that you can use for cable management, but you still want to try to have a clean set up over all when it comes down to your cables.cable-management
  • The perfect desk – Once you’ve got the measurements, you can start looking for a desk that will work with your computer. Most desks are compatible with any computer setup, but sometimes you’ll find those desks that will not fit your needs. Doing some research on a desk would help as well before purchasing one. <<click here to see a list of desks>>
  • The correct airflow – You may have noticed that your PC churns out hot air. Because of the CPU, Video Cards, and Power Supply that computer use, airflow is a huge part in making sure your computer works well. This is why you must have a desk that will not restrict airflow. Frying a CPU is a nightmare to anyone, so making sure your computer can extract this hot air is crucial.Computer Setup
  • Ergonomics – It comes to no surprise that having the best computer setup is making sure the user is having a comfortable experience with it. Ergonomics is very important for us that our computers should be set up to our needs. Try to place the monitors at eye level. If it’s low, tilt it up. Having a comfortable chair is ideal that keeps your back straight and your arms free. Without acknowledging this, any set up can be a bad setup.ERGONOMICS

We hope these tips help you out in having the best computer setup. Every computer is different and every setup can be unique, in the end user experience is what matters. Make sure you are satisfied with the setup and most important, you are comfortable with your computer experience.

Space Saving desk | The top 5 compact desks for a small room

Space Saving desk | The top 5 compact desks

 Regardless of your small residence, a nice space saving desk can still be attainable. We have gathered the top 5 space saving desks that fits every gamers comfort and style.

A small space saving desk is perfect for gamers that are lacking square footage in a room. We know the frustration with moving furniture around to fit everything where we want it to be. Having a big desk can be a burden and this is why looking for a space saving desk can be the right choice for you.

Bellow we have handpicked the best 5 desks from Amazon. We have checked all the reviews plus ratings and have compiled the top 5 space saving desks on our list.

 1) Coaster Peel Black Computer Desk

Space Saving Desk

The Coaster desk has a reputable stand in the Furniture Market. They bring out outstanding value and diversity for a reasonable price. The customer’s satisfaction is off the roof. The complaints are at a minimal and have been overshadowed by a shower of positive reviews. This black desk is ideal for a gaming rig set up that saves you space and still have a nice stylish look to it.


 2) Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

Space Saving Desk

Z-Line is probably one of the best brands for desks in the current Market. They always go beyond any other brand when it comes to style and sleekness. They are a bit pricey, but the positive reviews caries momentum for this space saving desk. This workstation is perfect for gaming set ups and has the potential to be used as a home office desk as well.


 3) Comfort Products

Space saving desk

The Comfort Product’s space saving desk is probably one of the most bought smaller desks on Amazon. It’s simple, straight forward, and to the point. You can place any type of computer on this one and is meant to be placed inside a small room. Customers have had no issues with this desk and works perfectly with gaming computers. It has enough space for your tower and monitor.


 4) Techni Mobili Glass Top Computer Desk

PC gaming desk

Techni Mobili desks are known for their high class style. Most of the time, you will see these desks inside corporate offices. The glass top makes it look sophisticated and beautiful. This does not mean you cannot set up a gaming station on it. In fact, there are positive reviews on Amazon stating that this desk works as well as any other gaming desk. The fact that this high end desk was made for space saving in mind, we had to put it on our top 5 list!


 5) Arch Tower


The Arch Tower is probably the smallest desk on our list. This desk can be place in corners. It is also taller than the other 4 desks on our list to make up what in lacks in desk space. We decided to put this as number 5 because the customer satisfaction was shining in the reviews section. This desk fits nicely and fits the criteria of a space saving desk.


We hope our list has helped you in finding the perfect space saving desk for you. You can check out our purchasing guide to see a list of more desks that have positive reviews.

PC gaming desk

Finding a PC gaming desk

pc gaming deskFind the best PC gaming desk through our purchasing guide. When looking for a PC desk, you have to look for the right foundation that will accommodate your PC set up. We have made a comprehensive list of approved PC desks that can be used for gaming, business work, and/or school work.

You can check out the purchasing list of approved PC gaming desk here.

We are dedicated to make your purchase as smooth as possible. With that goal in mine, we’ve created a process of elimination to find you the best PC gaming desk that YOU will require.

To help you find correct PC gaming desk, we will go through three steps to get you the exact desk that you’ll need. Let’s start!

<<Click here to see a list of gaming desks from Amazon >>

Size and dimension – Look at your room. How much space do you have for this new PC gaming desk? Does a U shaped, L shaped, or standard desk fit in your dedicated space? If you have the answer, you can go to our guide and categorize the list by the respectable shape that you are searching for.

Price – It comes to no surprise that the price on anything we purchase is the first things on our minds. What is your budget? Again, you can rearrange the purchasing list from low to high in cost if you are on a small budget. This way you can see what is available for your specific budget.

Style – Once you have gone through the first two steps of processes of elimination, the final thing to look for is style and design. Now that we know what you can afford and what will fit in your work/gaming space, you can decide on choosing the desk that works best for you that are left.

You can search for color, material type, and storage space that are available. Is white or black your color? Metal or wood? Glass tops or wooden tops? You can choose what you want and hopefully get the desk that will work for your PC gaming habits.

 In conclusion, we have all types of desks available that will fit the need of any PC gaming system. The best way to find one is through our three step system that will help you determine which desk will fit your needs.

We hope we could help you in your quest to finding the PC gaming desk that you are searching for. All of these desks have been approved by the gaming community and have high ratings from actual users of these desks. To find the comprehensive purchasing list, you can go here and seek our inventory of PC gaming desks.

Should you build your own desk?

To build or not to build your own desk?

build your own deskI’ll be honest. I don’t think having to build your own desk is the right path in having a gaming desk. Sure it can be aesthetically pleasing, but is it really worth it? The cost and labor alone can be more than what most folks would want to invest in. You have to set up plans, buy the parts, and then actually built it! Sure, if you like building stuff, then I would say go for it. But for the average person like me that doesn’t even own a power tool, NO THANKS!

There are a great variety of gaming desks out there that don’t require you to build your own desk from scratch. Granted, most desks now a days do require a little bit of assembly on our end, but that’s nothing compared to actually building one from scratch! I would take my chances in buying a desk from a local store, taking it home, built it in an hour, and enjoy it immediately afterwards.

I’ve compiled a list of desks that you can find in the purchasing guide that are perfect for gaming PCs. You can find the list here. These are desks that have had great reviews from customers who actually own them. You can find reviews that I’ve written about that have had many satisfied customers in the blog section. My goal is to not disappoint and give you the facts.

build your own desk

I would just like to close this thought with a different perspective. If you want to build your own desk, please do so. Just be aware about the cost and labor that you will invest compared to buying a desk from a store. I’m not trying to unmotivated someone from building a custom desk. I am simply stating that a gaming desk can be bought and still bring joy to you. And for those who can’t tell the difference between a socket wrench and a monkey wrench. Yeah, I would safely suggest on staying away from building your own desk.