Monterey LS Corner desk review

Monterey LS Corner

Monterey LS Corner The Monterey LS Corner desk is an ideal desk for a corner type of set up. This desk is as basic as it gets. If you are trying have a gaming station set up, this will be the basic set up you will need. It does its job all while looking stylish and modern.

The Monterey LS Corner desk has an over dimensions of 58.5 W x 58.5 D X 29.5 H. The main work surface is ideal for multi-screen set up and has perfect L shape desk design that fits snug in a corner. The chrome plated and black powdered coated steel makes this desk unique. It only comes in a black color finish but as we all know, black fits in with anything.

Here we’ve gathered some Pros and Cons that we felt were the most common and repetitive comments. We only go for what matters to the customers that might relate to you and because of this have generated accurate information from what we’ve seen.



Stylish and Sturdy– The chrome finish gives it a sleek and modern look. It makes it look like an expensive piece. Because of the black metal powder coating on the steel frame, it makes it stand out a bit more all while being sturdy and no extra cost.

Convenient for gaming computer – Because of the sturdiness of this desk, a lot of users were happy with the fact that they could put a huge monitor and a $2000+ tower on it without worrying if it would hold it.

Space saver – Most L shaped desk are huge and take a lot of space. Because this desk was meant to fit snugged in a corner, the desk saves some space and allows you to feel like you are not surrounded by half the room.


Difficult to assemble – The Monterey LS Corner desk is not an easy desk to assemble according to most customers. Other desks seem to be easier to assemble, but with a little extra motivation it can be completed.

No keyboard Trey – One thing that it does lack is a keyboard trey. Even though it is not needed, it would help save space on the counter top.

Stains too easy – Because of the lack of keyboard trey, you will leave finger and palm prints on the glass top. This makes your table top greasy. If you don’t mind cleaning it once in a while, it should be no issue.

Heavy – The desk is very heavy. Because it’s made out of metal, you will notice moving it will be difficult. If you don’t mind having a nice and sturdy desk, this should really not be a problem to most folks. Get a helping hand if you do find yourself in the mood of change would be beneficial.


We know the Monterey LS Corner desk is ideal for a gaming set up and we would agree to get this one if you want a tight corner fit. You can see some cool setups bellow how some folks have set their computer rigs up.


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