Computer Setup | Best ways to set up your computer for comfort

Computer Setup | 5 tips to setup your custom computer

There are a number of ways to have your computer setup, especially if you have the right desk. Here, we want to give you some ideas on how you can have a computer desk setup that best fits you.

Our general guideline with the average computer setup is to make sure you have the space allocated for the computer you are using. Not only do you want to have space for your tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and all your other accessories, but you also want to make sure everything sits in place where you want it.

Here is a list you can follow that will help you get the perfect computer setup. Of course, you can modify anything on this list because it’s not set in stone.

  • Your computer size – It is important to find the measurements of your tower and monitor to know how much space is needed to fit them in a desk. Do you want a snug or spacious fit? It depends what you prefer, but knowing the size of your set up is the first thing to acknowledge when setting up your computer. computer setup
  • Cable Management – You’ll be surprised how cable management alone can make your computer setup the perfect set up. Zip ties are perfect for these types of management. There are other resources that you can use for cable management, but you still want to try to have a clean set up over all when it comes down to your cables.cable-management
  • The perfect desk – Once you’ve got the measurements, you can start looking for a desk that will work with your computer. Most desks are compatible with any computer setup, but sometimes you’ll find those desks that will not fit your needs. Doing some research on a desk would help as well before purchasing one. <<click here to see a list of desks>>
  • The correct airflow – You may have noticed that your PC churns out hot air. Because of the CPU, Video Cards, and Power Supply that computer use, airflow is a huge part in making sure your computer works well. This is why you must have a desk that will not restrict airflow. Frying a CPU is a nightmare to anyone, so making sure your computer can extract this hot air is crucial.Computer Setup
  • Ergonomics – It comes to no surprise that having the best computer setup is making sure the user is having a comfortable experience with it. Ergonomics is very important for us that our computers should be set up to our needs. Try to place the monitors at eye level. If it’s low, tilt it up. Having a comfortable chair is ideal that keeps your back straight and your arms free. Without acknowledging this, any set up can be a bad setup.ERGONOMICS

We hope these tips help you out in having the best computer setup. Every computer is different and every setup can be unique, in the end user experience is what matters. Make sure you are satisfied with the setup and most important, you are comfortable with your computer experience.