Best computer chairs for gaming of 2018

A list of top computer chairs for gaming for 2018

If you are looking for computer chairs for gaming, then you are in the write place. We don’t only focus on gaming desks; we also like to review accessories that accommodate and work well with our desks. We understand what gaming does to you and having a great gaming chair can definitely improve your gaming experience.

We have compiled a list of reviews that we’ve gathered from amazon and gone through a lot of research to find the best computer chairs for gaming.

Our review process is very extensive and we look for gaming chairs that will also be the most comfortable desk chair. We make sure safety and comfort is in mind when we review the chair. We track all the reviews that have been posted in amazon to accumulate the best computer chairs for gaming that will go on the list below.

We only strive for the best to make your life easier. We only post chairs that have great ratings. We wouldn’t want to waste your time listing random chairs that are probably not meant for gaming. After all, you are here because you’re looking for computer chairs for gaming.

Bellow you will find the highest most rated comfortable desk chairs in the market that gamers like you have approved.

Gaming ChairsMaterial/TypeWeightRatingPrice
PVC Leather/ Metal Base52.9 lbs4
Open Wheeler
Synthetic Leather / Metal Base45 lbs5
Arozzi Monza
PU Leather/ Metal Base39.7 lbs4
Open Wheeler Fabric
Synthetic Leather / Metal Base48 lbs4.5
Leather / Metal Base48 lbs4.5
Merax King Series
PU and mesh fabric/ Metal Base41.9 lbs4
Merax Multi-directional
Synthetic Leather / Metal Base61 lbs4
PVC Leather/ Metal Base55 lbs4.5
Dx Racer FE57/NG
Vinyl/ Metal Base55 lbs4.5

Top 5 computer chairs for gaming

We’ve gathered the top 5 computer chairs for gaming in order of rating and user experience. We’ve read all the comments and came out the this conclusion from gamers like yourself that have used these specific chairs. Click on the image to get additional pictures and info.

Open Wheeler

The Open Wheeler chair is one of the best chairs in the market. With its sleek look that comes with white and black leather covers, it comes to no surprise that this chair is our top pick. Pro gamers use these chairs while in tournaments for a reason. It comes with an adjustable height and armrest. Adjustable backrest and recliner that goes down to 170 degrees with rocking tilt functions. It has a high back support with lumbar cushion with a hard pillow included. The high quality cold cure foam, synthetic leather, and metal base makes this a sturdy chair that can endure any intense gaming. We loved this chair when we got our hands on it. Personally, I own this one.

Vertagear Racing Series S-Line

The Vertgear Racing Series is a top of the line gaming chair. With its high quality PVC Faux Leather that screams out beauty, it gives it an extremely durable and luxurious look. It has an adjustable back support that angles’ up to 170 degrees. The tilting feature comes with adjustable resistance with a unique locking system. The wheels on this chair are very quiet and operate well with carpet or hard floors. The attention to detail in aesthetics is close to none. This chair weights about 52.9 pounds and is a very sturdy chair. This chair was built for comfort to those who play hours of gaming in front of a computer. With a high rating, this chair is definitely one to own.

High Back Executive PU Leather Ergonomic Office Desk Computer Chair O10

The 010 PU Leather Office Desk Chair is a great chair for gaming. This is one of the most comfortable desk chairs on Amazon. With a really great rating and the numerous comments of the softness of this chair, it comes to no surprise as to why it made our top 5 list. If you’re on a budget, this chair definitely brings more bang for your buck. It has a 19-23” adjustable height with a back support size of 20”(W) x 28”(H). It weighs 68 pounds which makes it a very sturdy chair. The black PU leather upholstery finish makes it very professional looking. We would definitely use this chair while we game.

Merax High-Back Ergonomic Pu Leather Office Chair Racing Style Swivel Chair Computer Desk Lumbar Support Chair Napping Chair

This luxurious racing car style executive chair has it all. It has a PU fabric upholstered cover with ergonomic design and lumbar support. This unique chair also has a butterfly seat plate and it’s a 360 degree swivel chair. The lift can support up to 250 pounds so it will stay stable and accurate. You won’t need to re-adjust the seat height. Other models have cheap lifts that lose pressure over time, this one wont. The tilt mechanism has different settings to achieve different lean back positions. It will lock on tilt to get a better angle to support your back. It’s a heavy duty chair which makes it hassle free to clean and fade resistant. This is a great gaming chair to own if you care about looks and comfort.

AKRACING AK-7018 Ergonomic Series Executive Racing Style Computer Gaming Office Chair – Black/red

This metal constructed chair is extremely safe and strong. The metal bass with a class 4 gas list can support up to 396 lbs. To be honestly, that’s more than you’ll ever need. Its features include adjustable tilt for the height and back, adjustable armrests, and adjustable back angle. It has a 180 degree radius backrest so you can get real comfortable when you need to. It weighs 48 pounds. The racing type seat gives it a cool and edgy, yet comfortable feel. It comes in variety of colors to choose from so it can match your style. I loved this chair so much that I’m currently sitting on it right now. It has a great rating on amazon and good rep from all the reviews.

Difference between computer chairs for gaming vs office chairs

When you think of an office chair, you don’t really envision that same chair for gaming. The fact is, they both serve the same purpose. Both allow you to sit comfortably for a long period of time to keep you productive at work or comfortable while playing games. The issue relies on the end user experience.

The fact that everyone is built differently in body shape and form, requires you to find a chair that will accommodate your specific needs. If you have a long torso, you will need a high support chair and if you have a small torso frame you wouldn’t need or depend in a high support chair. Same goes with leg length and overall body size.

Because of this, a chair that might be comfortable for someone that is 6 feet tall will not have the same comfort and great experience as a 5’7” person. That’s why it is important that the chair you buy will have adjustable lumbar and reclining support. Not all chairs have these features and we wouldn’t recommend getting chairs without them even though there are third party chair accessories that can accommodate for the lack of these features.

Because both types of chairs fulfill their main purpose (sitting comfortably), there are some features that a gamer would enjoy more by using gaming chairs for gaming. Here are some differences between both that will benefit a gamer.

Gaming chairs for gaming

  • Quality – When you purchase a gaming chair, it will come with quality gaming experience in mind. Unlike office chairs, gaming chairs will give you the best gaming experience you can get compared to a regular chair. The quality is very important when you are playing and might end up in a stress full situation.
  • Extra Features – Extra features are included in gaming chairs because we gamers need them. Some chairs come with power supply or even extra modifications that will allow you to hook up computer accessories directly to the chair. Another great feature is a gaming chair that comes with a sound systems build within the chair. This enhances any gameplay dramatically.
  • Stability – Stability is one thing we love about gaming chairs. They are meant for stressful and high intensity situations. Whether you’re playing and RPG or a first person shooter, these chairs come equipped to handle your body’s reaction.

Regular Office chair

  • Relaxing – Relaxed body is a key point for office chairs. It’s meant to not have erratic movements and less stressful situations on your behalf. They are not meant to comfort you as well as a gaming chair would while you are playing a video game. These chairs are meant for a static position that is found in the work environment.
  • Comfortable work environment- Being in a comfortable work environment is completely different than being at home playing video games. They tend to be more professional looking and less eye appealing because they are not meant to stand out. Gaming chairs stand out with their unique design and color set up.


computer chairs for gaming

Safety is extremely important when choosing computer chairs for gaming. We understand that having a great looking chair might be the ideal option, but what’s the point of having one if you are going to suffer in it because it’s uncomfortable. Because of this, safety is one of the items we would like to highlight when choosing the most comfortable desk chair.

  • The chair’s backrest should align to the natural curve of your back to provide the perfect lumbar support. We know that everyone’s body sizes are different, because of this, getting an adjustable backrest or adding on a back support extension is a great way to support your back.
  • The chair should be comfortable to allow your feet to rest flat on the floor. If your current chair or chair you buy in the future is not resting your foot flat, we would recommend purchasing a foot rest so you can adjust it accordingly to your body length
  • The chair’s armrests should be soft and allow your shoulders to relax when your elbows are on them. The ideal posture would be having your elbows close as possible to your body. Being stationary for too long with your elbows flaring out too much can cause shoulder and upper back issues if you are sitting for too long. You and I both know, when you are gaming, you don’t realize how fast time flies by. Because of this, you need to have great posture.
  • The chair should have great mobility but having 5 cast wheels on the bottom. If you are constantly getting gup, you want a chair that will move with ease and prevent injury.


computer chairs for gaming

When you think if ergonomics, you might think of office work environment but ergonomics definitely comes in play with a gaming

Let’s look at it this way. You sit in front of your computer for hours playing games and you need to be seated correctly. But most of the time, we don’t realize that we start to slouch or slide down the chair. We get so caught up in the game that we don’t pay attention to our bodies. This is when ergonomics comes in place and having the correct chair is

Computer chairs for gaming should support every aspect of your body when you are sitting down. The environment you are in is intense (assuming you’re playing an awesome video game) and it should keep you at ease without hindering your gameplay. You want to have a great experience playing so having the most comfortable desk chair is what you

Ergonomics is as much as important as style when it comes down to choosing a computer chair.

Here are some tips to set up and ergonomic environment for your gaming.

  • Maintain good posture
  • Position your monitor perfectly with your eyes where it will not tilt your head up or down.
  • Adjust seat at the perfect height with your keyboard. If you are able to rest your elbows on the chair, your forearm should be adjacent to the floor.
  • Keep the mouse and keyboard as close to each other as possible. This will keep your body from moving excessively when you are gaming.


computer chair for gaming

When it comes down to choosing the best computer chairs for gaming, there are a few simple steps to go over. Make sure the chair is comfortable. Ergonomics should be a concern. Safety should come first.

Choosing the most comfortable desk chair can be tricky. Make sure the chair is adjustable. Adjustable lumbar support, elbow support, and foot support are ideal. This will eliminate the probability of purchasing a chair that will not comfort you.

Ergonomics should always be in play. The environment and body positioning should make your gaming experience a positive one. Without it, you will probably be affected physically which will then ruin your game play.

Safety comes as no surprise. Avoiding bad postures or wrong body positioning will eliminate aching pain in the future. The most comfortable chair will not keep you satisfied if you are not positioning and sitting down correctly. Keep in mind, symptoms like carpal tunnel and pinched nerves may come from sitting incorrectly and having a bad posture while sitting.

We hope this guide helps you in find the best computer chairs for gaming. If you would like to contact us and ask us to review a chair, please go to the contact page and drop us a message. Don’t forget to check out our product reviews here for all the cool gaming chairs we’ve used.