Gaming Computer Desks – Best of 2018

Gaming Computer Desks

If you are a hardcore gamer and love spending hours playing video games on your computer then you will need a gaming desk. The benefit in purchasing gaming computer desks is guaranteeing optimum performance for any gaming condition.

Dual Monitor Computer Desk | Our top 5 desks for multi-screens

Dual monitor computer desk

Do you have two monitors on your desk? – We know a dual monitor computer desk is important when dual monitors are becoming the standard setup. We are no longer fond to just having one monitor on our desk and because of this we have to adjust to the fact that a better desk will be needed to accommodate this.

We’ve seen gamers go all out before and if you’ve watch youtube videos of them playing, you will sometimes see sweet multiple monitor set ups. This is nothing new for 2015. Having more than 2 monitors is becoming a must. It enhances the gaming experience and makes you more focused on your game play. After all, who doesn’t like to have a 90-180 degree monitor set up?

As for work or school related projects, having a dual monitor computer desk can make life easier. With a set up like this, you are capable of multitasking and getting projects done faster. Wouldn’t you like to feel great working in such conditions? These set ups keeps you laser focused on the task at hand and keeps you going by having all the information you need on 2 screens. You don’t have to jump from page to page or program to program. This is why a dual monitor computer desk is a must in 2015.

If you are looking for a dual monitor computer desk, we have compiled a list of desks that are meant to set up your monitors this way. We know having 2 monitors is essential for most common computer usage. Because of this; we have gone over an extensive list of desks, picked the ones that support dual monitors, and have a positive ratings from customers who owns or have owned them.

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Walker Edison 3-Piece Corner Desk



This desk has a black finish with a sleek and modern design to fit in any environment. The L-shape makes it a perfect dual computer monitor desk. It can go in either a home or an office and have your dual screen set up in any way you like.

Z-line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk

Dual monitor computer desk

The sleek Z-line design is a trademark look for this company. With a glass desktop and large surface space it makes it ideal for any dual computer monitor setup. We would like to add the fact that this desk gives your work area some unique style.

Techni Mobili Hip Black Corner

Techni Mobili

This desk is definitely a high end desk that will support more than just 2 monitors. You can fit 3 to 5 monitors with ease on this bad boy. The sleek black tempered glass makes it look modern and is perfect.

Monterey LS Corner

cool computer desk

One of our favorite desks on our list due to reasonable price and modern finish is the Monterey LS corner desk. It will hold multi monitor set up with ease. This desk had great rating and is very eye catching

Bush Furniture Cabot Collection

dual monitor computer desk

This unique wooden desk is one of its kind. With extra storage and modern design it will work flawlessly in any environment and will support multi screens with no issues. This desk is hard to find and could only be found on amazon.

Cool Computer Desks | 5 desks that define cool

Cool Computer Desks | 5 desks that define cool that can be found in Amazon

Most of us are very influenced by eye candy and beauty. Having a cool computer desks is no different. We have generated the 5 cool computer desks you can find in Amazon.

The features we address are eye catchy, sleek, modern styled desks that are meant for computer use. These desks can be used for home, office, or gaming all while looking stylish and cool. We have compiled this list by positive reviews and modern style to have a great top 5 desks list.

Here we go:


cool computer desks

  1. Prepac White Floating Desk

The Prepac White Floating Desk definitely defines cool and unique. This desk doesn’t have the conventional 4 legs to keep it standing. It is mounted against a wall to give it a cool floating look. It also has shelving for extra storage to put all your cool stuff on and make it unique to your style. This desk is definitely a conversation starter and what isn’t cool about that?

Ratings: 4.5/5 stars

Size: 9.8 x 42.2 x 39.5 inches ; 60 pounds

cool computer desk

  1. Monterey LS Corner

The Monterey LS Corner desk by Studio Design is a great modern desk that gives off a professional look. The black tempered safety glass and coroner shaped style gives it a beautiful finish. This desk can go anyone in a room and stand out because that’s how great it looks. You can use this for office or recreational use and the coolness factor is definitely there.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Size: 37 x 22 x 7 inches ; 55.4 pounds

cool computer desk

  1. Z-line Belaire Glass L-Shaped

The Z-line Belaire Glass by Z-Line Designs is a top selling desk on Amazon. The cool factor is there and it has great ratings from actual customers that have purchased it. Not only is it beautiful, but we think glass tops always stands out more than plastic or wooden tops. This desk can fit a home or office perfectly.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Size: 24 x 60 x 37 inches ; 96.4 pounds

Cool computer desks

  1. Techni Mobili Glass Top

The Techni Mobili Glass Top computer desk by Techni Mobili is a small yet cool computer desk. Even though it’s smaller than our other top 5 desks, this desk screams out modern, cool, and sleek all while saving you space. Not everyone can fit an L shaped desk in their home, so this is our pick for a smaller desk that still fits in the criteria of being fresh and cool.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Size: 43.2 x 22.5 x 29.5 inches ; 50 pounds

Techni Mobili - Cool computer desks

1)Techni Mobili Hip Black Corner

The Techni Moili Hip Black Corner desk by Techni Mobili comes at as our number one cool computer desk because this desk defines cool in every possible way. It has a black tempered safety glass desktop with Chromed-Steel frame. This gives it a modern, sleek, and beautiful design that flows perfectly. It is an L-Shaped desk that brings a refreshing breath to any room.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Size: 61.2 x 55 x 30 inches ; 102 pounds

Tips to set up a comfortable computer station

Computer Station | Tips to set up computer station

If you are like most folks that work in America, you may be sitting on your computer for about 7-8 hours a day in front of your computer station. When you sit down for this long, you usually do a lot of repetitive motions with your upper body position. You can also encounter awkward postures in front of your work station when you sit down for this long. Due to this repetitiveness, it can have serious long term physical effects in your body. The type of effects like neck cramps, back pain, arm discomfort, and wrist/hand pain are just a few things your body might encounter.

If you suffer from one of these issues, you have to adjust your computer station to the point where you are comfortable. A big improvement can be dealt with ergonomics. We will show you how to set up your computer station, use your keyboard, position your chair, adjust your monitor, and take breaks during the day to help with any issues you might be going through.


  • First, make sure the computer station is at an appropriate height for your body. Because we all come in different size and body type, make sure the computer station is accommodated for your body for the type of work you do. If you find that your computer desk is to low, you can elevate it with blocks or risers by placing them under the legs of your desk. If you find that your desk is too high, raise your chair to make sure your knees are lower or equal to the level of your hips.
  • Placing items that you use most closely to you will make working in your computer station more comfortable. Less strain trying to reach over or even possibly tweaking a muscle that has been stationary for hours.
  • If you use or are on the phone a lot, keep it at an easy reach. Most folks would agree that using a headset prevents neck and shoulder tension.


  • Having the right chair is important when setting up your computer station. An adjustable chair is ideal for this type of set up.
  • To begin the process of having the right setup, you want to position the chair to the point where your feet are flat on the floor. Once you’ve found your level, then sit all the way back where your back makes contact to the back support of the chair. It should be reclined to 100-110 degree angle.
  • A chair that is perfect for an 8-5 worker is one that has both upper and lower back support curves. If you feel like your chair doesn’t have enough back support, you can use a cushion or a pillow to maximize support. An alternative for a cushion is a rolled up tow that would be placed in the lower back portion of the seat.
  • Avoid awkward sitting positions throughout the day. A lot of folks rest their feet at the rungs of the chair, crossing their legs, dangling, or sitting on your legs. These can have serious effects on your body when sitting in these positions for too long. Decreasing blood circulation to your legs and feet will occur.

These are the basics in having a great computer station set up for anyone who spends many hours in front of a computer. You can be working, gaming, or socializing and these types of set ups are still important for your safety. We hope you liked our tips and next time you are sitting in front of your computer station, try these tips out to see if you notice a difference.

Computer Setup | Best ways to set up your computer for comfort

Computer Setup | 5 tips to setup your custom computer

There are a number of ways to have your computer setup, especially if you have the right desk. Here, we want to give you some ideas on how you can have a computer desk setup that best fits you.

Our general guideline with the average computer setup is to make sure you have the space allocated for the computer you are using. Not only do you want to have space for your tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and all your other accessories, but you also want to make sure everything sits in place where you want it.

Here is a list you can follow that will help you get the perfect computer setup. Of course, you can modify anything on this list because it’s not set in stone.

  • Your computer size – It is important to find the measurements of your tower and monitor to know how much space is needed to fit them in a desk. Do you want a snug or spacious fit? It depends what you prefer, but knowing the size of your set up is the first thing to acknowledge when setting up your computer. computer setup
  • Cable Management – You’ll be surprised how cable management alone can make your computer setup the perfect set up. Zip ties are perfect for these types of management. There are other resources that you can use for cable management, but you still want to try to have a clean set up over all when it comes down to your cables.cable-management
  • The perfect desk – Once you’ve got the measurements, you can start looking for a desk that will work with your computer. Most desks are compatible with any computer setup, but sometimes you’ll find those desks that will not fit your needs. Doing some research on a desk would help as well before purchasing one. <<click here to see a list of desks>>
  • The correct airflow – You may have noticed that your PC churns out hot air. Because of the CPU, Video Cards, and Power Supply that computer use, airflow is a huge part in making sure your computer works well. This is why you must have a desk that will not restrict airflow. Frying a CPU is a nightmare to anyone, so making sure your computer can extract this hot air is crucial.Computer Setup
  • Ergonomics – It comes to no surprise that having the best computer setup is making sure the user is having a comfortable experience with it. Ergonomics is very important for us that our computers should be set up to our needs. Try to place the monitors at eye level. If it’s low, tilt it up. Having a comfortable chair is ideal that keeps your back straight and your arms free. Without acknowledging this, any set up can be a bad setup.ERGONOMICS

We hope these tips help you out in having the best computer setup. Every computer is different and every setup can be unique, in the end user experience is what matters. Make sure you are satisfied with the setup and most important, you are comfortable with your computer experience.