Gaming Computer Desks – Best of 2018

Gaming Computer Desks

If you are a hardcore gamer and love spending hours playing video games on your computer then you will need a gaming desk. The benefit in purchasing gaming computer desks is guaranteeing optimum performance for any gaming condition.

In addition, your comfort and gaming experience will improve when you have one of the best gaming computer desks. Having the perfect foundation around you and your computer system is what makes a great gaming desk.

We’ve made a list of the top gaming computer desks by rating, pricing, and user experience. Our goal is to get the most bang for your buck while making it easier to compare each gaming desk. We’ve researched and made sure the gaming desk on our list are updated at your convenience.

Gaming Computer DeskMaterial/TypeDimensionsRatingPrice
Origami RDE-01
Steel Frame47.2 x 23.6 x 29.9 inches ; 43.8 pounds 4.5 stars
BHG Gaming Desk

Wood50 x 26 x 4 inches ; 37 Pounds
Atlantic 33935701 Gaming Desk

Steel Rod Frame
Standard Desk
50 x 40.2 x 26.5 inches ; 37.4 pounds4.5 stars
Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

Steel Frame With black powder Coat
51 x 51 x 29 inches ; 50 Pounds4.5 stars
Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk

Metal Frame, Tempered Glass
24 x 60 x 37 inches ; 96.4 pounds 4.5 stars
Techni Mobili Hip Desk

Chrome Steel Frame, Tempered Glass
L Shape
61.2 x 55 x 30 inches ; 102 pounds4 stars
Coaster Peel Black Computer Desk

66 pounds 4 stars
Monterey LS Corner

Steel Black Powder Coat Black Tampered Glass
37 x 22 x 7 inches ; 55.4 pounds4 stars
Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

Cherry Wood
26 x 48 x 36 inches ; 71.7 pounds4 stars
Ameriwood L-Shaped Desk

Dark Cherry Wood
53.6 x 51.3 x 28.3 inches ; 75 pounds4 stars
Prepac White Floating Desk with Storage

19.8 x 42.2 x 39.5 inches ; 60 pounds 4.5 stars
Comfort Products L-Shaped Desk

Steel frame, Wood top
47.2 x 33.5 x 23.6 inches ; 63.9 pounds4 stars
Bush Furniture Harvest L-Desk

Oak Wood
59.5 x 35.7 x 30.2 inches ; 106 pounds4 stars
Bello Black Computer Desk

Steel Frame, Glass Top
65 x 24 x 23 inches ; 30.8 pounds5 stars
Sauder Edge Water Computer Desk

59 x 23.2 x 29 inches ; 133 pounds4 stars
Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk

Steel Frame, Wood Top
47.2 x 23.6 x 29.9 inches 4 stars
On Stage Wood Workstation

Steel Frame, Wood Top
45 x 27.5 x 7 inches ; 77.8 pounds3.5 stars
Arch Tower Desk

Steel Frame
50.5 x 25 x 4 inches ; 64 pounds 4.5 stars
Techni Mobili Glass Top Computer Desk

Steel Frame, Glass Top
43.2 x 22.5 x 29.5 inches ; 50 pounds 4.5 stars

These desks have been tested and been given the stamp of approval by the gaming community. What you will find in this list are true gaming computer desks. Specifically for computers that push out more power and heat than regular computers.

Benefits for owning gaming computer desks

What are gaming computer desks? – A gaming desk can be seen as an ordinary object, but gaming computer desks are tools to help you hone your gaming skills. It’s not just an ordinary desk, it’s where you spend your time working on your skills and spend your time enjoying your hobby. The perfect desk sets a positive mood. Especially to your gaming experience that can improve stability to keep you calm and make the right decisions during intense moments.

The set up that a desk provides for your computer rig will also improve its functionality. It improves airflow and allows your computer to function properly. It can help with overheating. This will keep your computer running at its max potential which allows your CPU and video card stay at a stable temperature when it’s pulling juice to maximize performance.

Please be aware that there are companies out there claiming that their desks/furniture are set up for gaming rigs. Fact is, they are just regular desks for regular computer use.

We know cable management is important so all your cables are fitted to where they need to go. They also prevent unwanted tangles, and keep cables from popping out the sides making it look tacky and prevents accidental disconnects. (I think we’ve all experience this at least once before)

>>Click here to get a full list of desks that have been approved by the gaming community. You can find all of these desks thanks to Amazon.<<

We hope you have a great experience using the purchasing guide above. If you have any questions about a desk that catches your eye, please don’t hesitate contacting us in our “contact page” for question and concerns that you might have about a specific gaming computer desk.

Our top 5 gaming computer desks

We’ve gathered the top 5 desks based out of user experience and rating from Amazon. If you want to compare the best gaming computer desks, make sure not to overlook these desks.

1. Atlantic 33935601 Gaming Computer Desks


Great gaming desks should include features to complement all the gaming accessories required in this new era of gaming. Accessories such as headphones, speakers, monitors, and ergonomic mouse and keyboard pads should all be included in a gaming desk’s supporting features. This is where the Atlantic gaming desk hits a home run.


It comes with what I consider a unique feature of a charging station. Not many other desks have this awesome feature. The charging station can charge your equipment; such as smart phones, batteries, and laptops when needed. It has slots to hold your speakers, earphones, cup holder, and extra slots for other convenient gaming equipment.

Although the Atlantic gaming desk is meant for small computer set ups, it still sturdy enough to hold most computers and monitors plus all your gaming accessories. It fits up to a 40lbs 27 inch flat TV/monitor.

You can store a laptop, up to 2 controllers, 5 games, headphones and a large drink all in this one desk.

It comes with a carbon fiber finish work surface, four leveling feet for great stability that are made out of steel rod with a silver metallic finish.

It comes with wire management trim plates that are ideal for all your wiring nightmares. This is an perfect example of how well thought out the desk is made knowing that you will have small surface to work with and you won’t have all the wires in the way taking up space.

Configuration and set up:

Out of the box, the Atlantic desk is very easy to set up and build. It will take about 30-45 minutes to configure if you do not have power tools. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. Minor assembly required.


Height: 40.25”

Width: 26.77”

Length: 49.25”

Weight: 43.6lbs

TV Stand: 15.4” x 7” x 6.25“ Holds up to 40 pounds.

Work Surface dimensions: 40” x 23.5”


Even though the Atlantic gaming desk it’s small, it is built to make sure all its space is utilized to its max potential. I’d have to say this gaming desk is meant for small rooms or studio apartments where square footage is limited.

The Atlantic gaming desk is a great desk that caters to most gamers. For us, this is a desk all gamers should have because it was designed for great storage to all your gaming accessories and caters to all your gaming needs. 


  • A Charging station to charge your electronics (big brownie points for this).
  • Standalone headphone stands to keep your headphones safe, secure, and out of the way when not in use.
  • Cup holder that can hold up to 30oz of liquid but can also be used for other storage needs
  • Overall dimensions make it a great space saving desk for rooms/studios with limited square footage.


  • Not Ideal for double monitors set up. It’s limited to 27’ monitors and it will get a bit crowded if you use anything beyond that.


2. Origami RDE-01 Gaming Computer Desks

One of the sleekest yet simple designs for a gaming desk comes from Origami’s RDE-01 Computer Desk. It comes at a reasonable price with all the amenities all gamers require. If you’re on a budget and trying to achieve the pro gamer look then this desk is what you need.


It has a unique folding feature that you will not find with any other desk out on the current market. This will help with saving you space if you need it. It opens and folds in seconds and folds flat so you can put it away for storage.It has a bottom shelf to place your desktop or any other equipment that you desire. The bottom shelf capacity is 250 pounds.It comes with sleek level surface with a metal frame that evenly distributes the weight. The surface allows 7sq feet of surface space for your monitors and can hold up to 75 pounds all together.

Configuration and Set up:

Unlike the other desks on our list, this desk does not need to be assembled! Yes, that is right, no tools required for the set up. It comes in a box already assembled in its flat folding state and all you need to do is open it up and lock the frame in place. The last step would be to mount the surface on the frame and all that is left would be to move it to where it needs to go and install your rig.



Height: 29.9”

Length: 47.2”

Width: 23.6”

Weight: 43.8 Pounds

Work Surface Dimensions: 7sq Feet


Origami’s RDE-01 gaming desk is definitely a desk a lot of gamers would like. A simple yet elegant desk that fits all gaming station requirements. Origami hit the nail with this computer gaming desk mainly because it was designed specifically for a gaming station in mind.  With its unique folding feature and space capacity, we would encourage everyone to give this one a shot. This is one of the best rated desks on Amazon with really low complaints per review. A lot of happy folks with this desk purchase and the fact that is very economical is the icing on the cake.



  • Portable – With its folding feature and light weight frame, it can be moved around the room or house with ease.
  • Sturdy – Even for a light weight table it is very sturdy because of the heavier surface top and stable frame.
  • Counter space – for a small desk it provides great surface space to have a full computer set up and still have more room for other items.
  • No assembly required – This table is already assembled together in the box. All you have to do is open it up, lock the frame in place, and place the surface top and done.



  • When opening the table, it may be difficult to lock the desk securely. A little force may have to be applied to make sure the desk is safe and secured.

3. BHG Gaming Computer Desks

Let’s make this simple for you; you’re looking for a gaming desk? Well, here it is. The BHG gaming desk table is one of our top gaming desks on the list. It has all the features and specs that all gaming computer desks should have. It’s simple and to the point without trying to find ways to make a desk stand out by adding all these extra features that are usually not required.  From all the reviews that we’ve seen for this desk, you are guaranteed to have a positive experience with the BHG gaming desk.


This desk comes in two options. One comes with a headphone holder and the other does not. It’s up to you to pay a little bit extra for it, but you can always buy a headphone holder from a third party.It currently only comes in one color. The black metal provides an elegant look. It is a simple yet functional desk. It is small but that eliminates the clunky feel to it.  The BHG gaming desk would go well in a dorm room, small room, or any area that is lacking space all while still able to support a multi monitor setup. Great surface space for even a 3 monitor set up while still having enough space for miscellaneous items.It has a modern appeal to it and it’s lightweight and durable. You get great bang for your buck with this small gaming computer desk.

Configuration and Set up:

Off the box it does require some assembly. Don’t fret, it’s an easy assembly due to the simplicity of the desk. It comes with all the parts and tools required. You will just need to follow the easy step by step instructions. From other reviewers, the common census was that the desk is simple to assemble and all the parts were included without the worry of having missing parts.



Height: 29”

Length: 47 ¾”

Width: 23 ¾”

Weight: 37lbs

Work Surface Dimensions: 50” X 26”


If you’re looking for an affordable gaming desk then the BHG desk will be the right choice. A simple, stylish, and economical desk that fits all gaming set up criteria. We like that they leave all the BS out on this desk and just give you practicality over over-hyped features that you probably won’t need. Sometimes being simple works just as good or even better. This is why we like to have this little desk on of our top 5 on our list.



  • Spacious and Simple – It’s a small desk that has great surface space while remaining practical and simple for gaming requirements.
  • Light weight- it’s easy to move and easy to install due to its lightweight and yet remains sturdy for even a 3 monitor setup.
  • Headphone stand – it comes with a headphone stand for a bit more bucks but you can always opt out of it if you already have one or would rather purchase a different one.



  • Lacks desktop tower storage compartment- will have to use up surface space or place it on the floor.

4. Walker Edison Soreno Corner Gaming Computer Desks

pc gaming desk

Unlike the Atlantic Gaming Desk, The Walker Soreno Computer Desk is great desk for multi monitor set up. The Walker Soreno has the right features and looks sleek without hurting your wallet. It is a great investment for any gamer that wants a dual monitor set up which can hold multiple full size 25” monitors with ease.

The one thing we loved about this desk is its sleek corner desk design that has a spacious counter space, yet doesn’t utilize a lot of square footage. You can have all your accessories organized on this desk without any surface space issue.


The Walker Soreno desk has a beautiful polished and beveled tempered safety glass top. It is supported with a very durable steel frame to hold the glass without any issues.

A sliding keyboard tray can be mounted on any side of the desk that fits your personal liking. The tray is optional and not required if not needed.

The Soreno has flexible configuration options. The desk can be separated into two different desks. You can have the L-shape design, or separate them and have two standard desks to work with.

It comes in two different colors, black or gray and has one CPU stand that can be moved on either side of the table to augment the space you play/work in.

 Configuration and set up:

The configuration for the L shaped desk is very minimal. It takes up to 10 minutes for each side to configure and put together. You can configure the desk as two standalone desks if desired.


Height: 29”

Width: 20”

Length: 51”

Weight: 57lbs

Material Type: Glass and Steel

Work Surface dimensions: 51” X 20”


Overall the Walker Soreno computer desk is a great purchase for any gamer requiring a desk that can hold multi monitors and/or computers. The spacious work surface space gives this desk the perfect management to arrange your gaming accessories. Although, a few modifications might be required to keep your gear organized, the amount of space will allow you to modify the desk in your own way without a problem

The sleek contemporary design will make any room look clean and at a low cost. The desk is not expensive but is worth the money for the sturdiness and reliability it brings. Click here to see photos of actual set ups.


  • Speedy assembly
  • Very Sturdy – supports multiple monitors and desktop computers without the concern of stability.
  • Can be disassembled and used as two separate desks. A feature most desks don’t have.
  • Has a sleek design that gives it a professional feel and augments well with most furniture.
  • Surface space provides large work area


  • Small keyboard tray – most gamers use bigger keyboards and mouse pads so it might be a little tight. You do have the option of just using the surface top instead and not install the tray.
  • Lacks cable management design.
  • No drawers for extra storage.

5. Z-Line Belaire  L-Shaped Gaming Computer Desks

Gaming desk

If you’re looking for a modern design desk then the Z-line Belaire Glass L-shaped desk is the one you want. This beautiful gaming desk can be utilized for more than just gaming. This is a desk you can find at home or in the office. Its elegant design will leave the room looking modern and all without breaking the bank.

This desk is one of our personal favorite. It has all the design and workmanship that any gamer would be satisfied with. The combination of glass and steel material used in this desk gives it a modern contemporary look.


The sleek L-shape design is perfect for corner placement in any room. It will fit in any corner and the design will enhance any room.

This computer desk is very sturdy and feels solid as a rock. You will not run into any issues with placing multiple monitors on this desk because of its reinforced plates on the welding joints.

It comes with 6mm/5mm tempered glass top, slide out keyboard tray, and display shelf. The overall glass house effect makes the desk look modern and comfortable.

Has a large amount of work surface space that most gamers want and this desk provides just that and more for a very reasonable price.

The modern design makes this desk look like an expensive computer desk which is okay due to the fact that this desk is not expensive.

Configuration and set up:

The L shape configuration for this computer desk is meant to be placed in the corner of a room. The setup is easy but the sturdy glass is a bit heavy and might require a second person to place on top when assembling.

All the placement holes for the screws are pre drilled and it makes it easier for the builder to assemble the desk with ease. Not much work is required for this desk because it doesn’t have many parts.

It should take approximately 25-35 minutes for anyone to configure and it comes with clean instructions on how to do so. If any parts are missing or incorrect, the manufacturer can be reached and the part can be shipped out without the requirement of sending the whole desk back. (big plus on this!) This feature can also be utilized if a part breaks.


Height: 37”

Width: 24”

Length: 60”

Weight: 96.5lbs

Material Type: Glass and Stainless Steel

Work Surface dimensions: 60” x 24”


This desk is a good gaming computer desk that will not make your wallet sore. A great design plus the sturdy workmanship will have any gamer utilizing this games for a long time. The desk will augment any gaming accessories needed and will handle anything that is brought upon it. This is our favorite desk because you get more bang for your buck.


  • Multi Monitor set up
  • Spacious work surface area
  • Modern sleek design
  • Reasonably priced for the quality craftsmanship
  • Can order replacement parts for the desk through the manufacturer


  • Lacks desktop storage space but it can be placed on the glass itself or on the bottom where preferred.

What to look for in gaming computer desks

There are specific features that a gaming computer desk has over regular work station desks. In order to get the correct gaming desk, you will have to look at the design, fitment, durability, comfort and experience.

Design – When choosing gaming computer desks, the design is an important aspect to your surrounding area and to your computer rig. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a gaming desk.

Will the design work well with your computer set up? Is your computer tower a huge monster that needs ventilation? Are you using a laptop? Is the tower a flat bed or a stand up? Do you prefer a wireless key board and mouse set up? Do you want the monitors elevated? These questions factors into choosing the correct gaming computer desk.

Once you’ve realized what type of computer set up you’ve got, next you can start searching for the types of desks designed for your specific need. You have to make sure your gaming experience is not interrupted by a design flaw.

This is why doing some research on what you have will ultimately give you guidance on what you will need. There are a variety of designs that are meant for your specific situation and a big factor in design is having the correct fitment for your surrounding area.

Fitment – After figuring out what design you are looking for, fitment is up next on your checklist. Fitment really depends on the room you will be setting up in. Figuring out where you will place your desk is important.

Some desks are designed to be placed in specific areas. Areas like, corners of rooms, next to windows, against a wall all factor into the fitment of the desk you want to choose.

For a corner of set up, you can use an L shape (90 degrees) desks that will go perfect in a corner. These types of desks are specifically made for corners. You can still use it in other areas of a room which. It will make the L shaped desk look more like a cubicle if not placed in a corner. These desks are great because you can have your gaming set up the way you want it with 2 areas to choose from.

Due to having 2 surfaces, you have more room for multiple monitor usage. And we know that’s every gamers dream view!

Set ups that are in the middle of walls can have a universal desk option. You can choose any type of design in this case because you have no restrictions. Of course, you want comfort so placing it the way you want is totally up to you. Especially working on how well it works around your environment.

U shaped desks are beneficial to gamers. You can practically put as many monitors as you want to have the ultimate gamer experience. The best part of a U shaped gaming computer desk is making you the center of attention. You become the main focus with your game. This may help you concentrate better when your peripheral vision is covered with monitors. This is definitely one of the most used gaming computer desk design by gamers that want a great experience.

Desks with a elevated monitor compartment are basic set ups for single monitors. If you are not planning on using multiple monitors, this one works great for single monitors. These desks are made to keep the monitor at eye level. This produces better concentration and posture without making you slouch.

Durability – Durability in a desk is essential when choosing gaming computer desks. In this case you want to look at the material the desks are made off. The costs of a gaming desk can sky rocket easily just by the type of wood that is being used.

Some woods are rarer than others which drive the price up. You also have the option to go with metal. Metal is by far a better and durable material to use for a gaming desk. It gives a sleek design that is harder to achieve with wooden desks.

Being sleek and modern gives it a great flow. A perk to this is keeping your wallet full.  Metal desks are less high end but it gets the job done.When looking for durability, go with what you believe would be best for you and your room.

Comfort and experience – When you sit down and turn on your computer, you indulge into the chaos of the gaming world. Your experience and comfort sets the game play mood. Unexpectedly, a gaming desk definitely encourages your mood because of how well it flows with you and your computer set up.

Having the perfect gaming computer desk will allow you to feel better physically and make you play efficiently. Even the pros know this. This is why they have super high end desk holding their $2000 + computers.

Having the best gaming computer desk brings satisfaction and enjoyment. It enhances your gaming experience.

 Conclusion on gaming computer desks purchase

Gaming Desk

Purchasing the best gaming computer desks may not be an easy task. Research on your end on what you have and need will be your deciding factor. Getting the right desk is not as easy as doing a test run on other products. This is why getting all the specs and information on the desk first is ideal to make sure your computer rig will be compatible with the desk you decide to get.

Make sure you have all the questions answered to what you need. Make a list of must have specs. This will save you time when you know what you are looking for.

We hope our guide has helped you with ideas and tips on your next purchase for the perfect gaming computer desk. Check out our purchasing guide to get a list of all top desks that will fulfill your gaming needs. Gamers need their tools to get the most out of their skills. Having the desk that allows you to perfect it will definitely be worth it. If you have any questions on the guide, please email us through our contact form.