Arch Tower Desk Review

Arch Tower

Arch TowerThe Arch Tower desk is a unique and fun desk to own. It’s definitely not your standard desk and is a great space saving desk. If you are looking for a gaming desk, this desk is the right choice with three storage areas to fit all your equipment.

With a taller desk set up then the conventional computer desk, the Arch Tower stands out and is a great piece that can fit in any environment. The desk has great flow and is great with cable management. As a gaming community, we would agree this desk is very special and ads a lot of storage space for games, controls, headphones, and any extra equipment you may carry.

Here we have compiled a list of pros and cons for the Arch Tower desk that come from real reviews from Amazon customers. We always try to be unbiased with these reviews so we get reviews from other points of views.

Arch Tower


Stylish design – The stylish design for the Arch Tower desk is a plus for many customers. Many have received great feedback from guest that see the guest because of its uniqueness and the way it hides in a corner very well.

Speaker stands at ear level – Not only are the speaker stands great in this desk set up, but you can adjust the speaker stand to your preferred level. Many gamers who own this desk have mentioned putting the speakers at ear level to get the perfect gaming experience with the audio effects. If you have a sub-woofer, you will have no issue with this desk either.

Easy assembly – The assembly is relatively easy. There have been complains about the instructions though. We’ve placed that in the CONS section for that specific reason. Most folks said they didn’t even need to read the instructions because of how easy it came packaged to set up.

Monitor Space – For its small size it can easily hold a 27” Monitor. If you are not running a multi monitor set up, this will be ideal for a single screen set ups.

Saves space – Because the desk is slim, you save a ton of space in the room you have this desk set up. A lot of folks agree that not every person has “The room size” they would like and this small desk does what it needs to with whatever space you have available.


A little wobble for its weird size – Because it’s not a heavy desk and it’s on 3 legs, it does have a little wobble. It is nothing to worry about tough as many users haven’t had an issue with it. It’s just not the same as a 4 legged sturdy desk.

No locking mechanism on trey – One of the features that users have found is the fact that the tray does not lock when it comes all the way out. We agree that it should lock so when you are playing you don’t accidently push in the tray. Some users just ended up buying a newer tray holder arms which fixed the issue.

The edges or square – The counter top is not rounded and because of this you may feel an uncomfortable feeling on your wrist or arms. Ergonomic mouse pads and keyboard foam will take care of this issue easily.

Some users experience bad instructions – Because this was mentioned above multiple times on Amazon, We had to put this here. The fact remains that common sense tells you where everything goes and the instructions can be more detailed. The fact that the desk doesn’t have hard components to build should make it a major issue. It’s just something for you to be aware about.


We agree that this desk is a great gaming desk and it can benefit if you make it work to your standards. It’s really an inexpensive desk that has a lot of value for what it’s worth. We give this desk a stamp of approval for those on a budged. Bellow we have pictures of customer’s set up for your viewing pleasure.


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